My Next Big Idea

After taking almost a year off following the sale of my last business Slingshot Sponsorship to The Marketing Group, I am excited to announce that I will be launching something very different before the end of September this year.

I have been working in the sponsorship industry for most of my career, and thoroughly loved it – particularly being challenged creatively and commercially to get deals over the line.  Since launching Slingshot Sponsorship at the young age of 26, I sold tens of millions in sponsorship packages and from that experience I wrote my latest book ‘PINPOINT: how challenging the norm is the only route to success in selling sponsorship‘.  In my book, I uncover the 6 myths to selling sponsorship in today’s highly fragmented media landscape.  The underlying message is that brand concepts that connect with a consumer are the key to convincing a brand that a partnership deal with generate a significant return on investment.

At the end of the day, I sold ideas.

And whilst I was pretty good at it, over the years I started to wonder how much further I could take a business if I utilised my unique sales strategy and wrapped it with an amazing product, which was going to always be my next step.

However, before I jumped head first, I needed an idea and the head space to have some time to think about what I really wanted to do next.  So this year I set out to do a lot of things I never had the time to do when I was running Slingshot Sponsorship.  Some basic things like get my hair cut and see the dentist, to some very crazy, weird and wonderful things such as getting married, going to Burning Man, and more.  I’ve managed to spend time (not working) in over 30 countries in 2018 alone and have met an extraordinary amount of wonderful people.  This time off was needed before I threw myself into my next business, because there was always going to be a next business – but this time, it will be bigger and better than the last.

Having collaborated with some of the most amazing creatives globally this year, I will be launching something quite different exclusively available in the UK.

Watch this space. 

Press release out September 24th.

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