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Jackie Fast Announced as Board Director onto FinTech Disruptor The Money Platform

The Money Platform, a FinTech disruptor, following FCA approval today announced that BBC’s The Apprentice star Jackie Fast will be joining its Board of Directors.

“Millennials are harshly treated by traditional credit providers, so we built a new system just for them. Our next stage is ensuring we scale quickly driving greater awareness of our ground-breaking Peer2Peer lending platform to the whole of the United Kingdom,” said Joshua Graham, CEO of The Money Platform. “Jackie’s experience in quickly scaling startups combined with her expertise in the shifting buying patterns and brand advocacy of Millennials brings a completely new approach to how we will grow. We are thrilled to have her leadership and voice to our board as we endeavour to disrupt the financial industry and provide better services to those that need them most.”

Jackie Fast came to public attention as a candidate on the last series of BBC’s The Apprentice – getting fired in Week 9 for having “too much experience” having sold her global sponsorship agency Slingshot in 2016. Prior to The Apprentice, she published Amazon-bestselling book PINPOINT and is a public speaker on marketing, technology, investment and entrepreneurship. Jackie Fast has also served on previous boards in the past and currently is Chairman of the European Sponsorship Association Awards.

“The Money Platform has a clear and streamlined digital solution to a growing problem of short term financial support for thin credit people within the United Kingdom. This predominantly affects Millennials due to their increased ability to job-hop and the growing age of new homeowners,” says Jackie Fast. “However, what is particularly interesting is that in addition to this revolutionary solution, their lending offering is fantastic for new investors – which is what brought me to their attention in the first place. I’m very excited about the potential of this company and thrilled to be involved with its growth!”

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