The 5 Reasons Why I Wrote PINPOINT For You

I’ve just come off of a long book signing and presentation stint across Europe.  It was great fun; however, what consistently happened when I came off stage was that I was told by people that they didn’t want to read my book, but rather just hire me.

Unlike most people on the speaking circuit, I actually wrote this book to provide a resource for people – not as a fancy business card.  I am moving on to other challenges and wrote this book to leave everything I learned in the last decade for the people that need it.  This book is the only framework I have been using to be so successful.  I have now provided this to you readers to help you be as successful as I was in selling sponsorship.

However, it seems I cannot get away from people thinking that hiring me is better than reading my book.  And I want to outline why this is not the case:

  1.  You don’t need me, you need the right information.  There are zero books specifically dedicated to sponsorship sales.  There are also very few blogs about sponsorship sales as well.  Therefore your first start should be to read the book.  It’s an easy read – and was written to be as straightforward and practical as possible.  I’ve even ensured it was cheap – only £13.99. If you can’t spend 2 hours reading and £14 buying, then you aren’t ready to start taking sponsorship seriously.
  2. It’s more cost-effective. This book is everything I know you need to know to successfully secure sponsorship for your next event, charity, start-up, sports team or online platform.  I’ve dispelled all the myths and have outlined the only 6 thing you need to change to be successful.  Find these out and actually implement them, you will see your sales figures skyrocket.
  3. It’s for you.  I continually get asked, “Are you sure this book for people who do branded content/charities/sports/my unique opportunity?  I cannot stress enough, this book is for everyone who is interested in wanting to sell sponsorship or sell sponsorship better.  Just because you are a charity, it doesn’t change the principals on how to approach brands.  There are overarching issues for why you are not getting as much traction as you should be – PINPOINT clearly outlines these in order to put you in the right track. I spent a decade understanding the commonalities between rights holders and regardless of how different their opportunities are, the challenges and issues are always the same.  If you sort this out, you’ll be successful.
  4. Every day that goes by, you are missing out on an opportunity to make more money through sponsorship.  PINPOINT provides you the formula.  It provides the tools you need to significantly increase your sponsorship sales revenue.  Stop wasting time and deliberating and start working towards driving better and more partnerships.
  5. You need the help.  I have worked with some very successful properties and people, and yet by using the 6 tips I outline in PINPOINT, I have consistently increased their bottom line through sponsorship.  This book doesn’t give you vague ideas – it gives you practical, implementable tips that you can follow and take into your business.  This book is everything I know about sponsorship sales.  I promise you, regardless of what level you are at, it will make a huge difference.

So please, buy my book PINPOINT and provide feedback to let me know if it worked for you!

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