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Every event aims to be memorable and it comes down to the content you create and share with your speakers.  Ensuring your speakers effectively get the message across to inspire the audience is no mean feat.  Having regularly worked with events across diverse sectors, no one knows this more than Jackie Fast – which is what makes her different.  From sharing exciting stories on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island to marathons in India, Jackie has the ability to utilise real world case studies to truly capture an audience through her enthusiasm and vision.  Interactive, energetic and exciting makes every speaking engagement a memorable experience and one that gets talked about.

Due to her diverse experience, Jackie has the capability to speak on a broad range of topics – from women in business to how to sell sponsorship more effectively.  Not one to shy away from controversy, she also regularly sits and chairs panels.

If you are looking to make an impact with your speaking programme, look no further.


Keynote Speaking | Chairing | Q&A

With a history of successfully delivering keynotes globally in a diverse range of sectors, Jackie Fast provides the energy and outside-the-box inspiration needed for your next event.

Notable Keynotes

In 2016 Jackie spoke at over 30 events in over 20 different countries helping inspire leading global brands, entrepreneurs, start-ups, events, and students.

Consulting and Bootcamps

Jackie runs a number of in-depth tailored sessions for brands, events, and start-ups.  These are created based on the challenge and curated to suit the client’s objectives.


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The Best You Expo 2018

From Bedroom to Boardroom – Find Out What it Takes and What You Need to Boss it and Win After being turned down for every job opportunity in the only industry she had experience in, rather than give up and go home, Jackie Fast started her global sponsorship sales agency empire from the bedroom of a rented flat in London with £2,000 and a laptop. Six years later, she sold Slingshot Sponsorship for a seven-figure sum and is regularly brought in to consult with global brands and events on commercialisation and collaboration. A trailblazer in the industry she knows first-hand how to take a passion and grow it into a profit that not only provides profit for herself, but for everyone she works for. Having sold her business and written a book on the subject called PINPOINT – already an international #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Marketing & Sales – she now regularly shares her story and insights with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and those wanting to follow their dreams. Referred to as “relentless” by Forbes, this is your opportunity to find out what it takes to build something from nothing. Feb 16, London / Read more / Play Video

Salesforce World Tour

The Role of Business in Driving Towards Equality Chaired by Salesforce’s Chief Equality Officer Tony Prophet, the first challenge identified by the panel was the ability of more traditional industries to prove they are open and supportive of diversity at work, in order to recruit and retain the best talent London, UK / Read more / Play Video

ANFO Sport Marketing Conference

Go Beyond Logos We all agree sponsorship needs to drive mutual benefits to all parties, but in today's proliferation of media consumption - are sponsors really benefiting from logo badging? Jackie Fast will outline why logos no longer work in today's landscape and what you need to do now to create value in the industry. Find out how to deliver sponsorship beyond the traditional asset transactions to achieve a much higher ROI and greater sustainability than your competitors Oslo, Norway / Read more


Is Official Dead? Panel discussion looking at how technology is changing behaviour towards traditional commercial models and whether sponsorship should be any different. Jackie Fast, Managing Director, Slingshot Sponsorship sits alongside a number of industry experts both within and outside the industry to debate the value to being an “Official sponsor” of events and well as consideration of other alternatives London. UK / Read more / Play Video

Western Sponsorship Congress

Sponsorship Roulette Relying on randomness is hindering our potential Calgary, Canada / Read more

Cambridge Events

Top 5 tips: Attracting sponsorship for events. Top tips for attracting sponsors to your events Cambridge, UK / Read more / Play Video

Russian Sponsorship Forum

The Future of Celebrity Marketing The rise of the influencer and how to utilise this effective platform commercially Moscow, Russia / Read more

International Confex

How associations maximise sponsorship potential in 2016' and 'Sponsorship sales – the pinnacle of client engagement Ways to maximise sponsorship potential and sponsorship sales London, UK / Read more

Debut Contempory

Sponsorship Tips Step-by-Step guide to creating a sponsorship proposition and offered first-hand accounts of sponsorship in arts & culture London, UK / Read more

Future of Brands

Why advertise when you can sponsor? Moving from advertising to sponsorship - Overview of Sponsorship London, UK / Read more

The Norwegian Sponsorship Summit

Innovation & Technology Guiding the Future of Sponsormarketing How the advancement of technology is shifting what we know of sport marketing Oslo, Norway / Read more

IBTM World

Finding the Perfect Partner, How to take your sponsorship further. Outline of why everything you read about sponsorship is leading you down the right path, and how you can start creating sponsorship opportunities that brands will snap your hands off for Barcelona, Spain / Read more

Marcus Evans

The Future of Sponsorship & Sponsorship Shift Unleash the power of invention and build next-generation partnerships through faster value creation by replacing approaches based on what’s been with strategies built around what could be Sydney, Australia / Read more

Sporto Conference

How to find the Perfect Partner New Rules for Identifying the Right Partner in Today’s Sponsorship Landscape Portoroz, Slovenia / Read more / Play Video

Social Media Week London

Stand out from the crowd: Social Media & Sponsorship Clear understanding of what sponsorship is and means in the new landscape incorporating social media, understand how using sponsorship strategies can help you grow your business and to generate inspiration and ideas London, UK / Read more

Brand Activation

Inspiring better sport sponsorship activation Take your brand to the next level by understanding how to utilise global trends through practical local execution Mumbai, India / Read more

The SportsPro Brand Conference

Sponsorship Roulette London, UK / Read more

Think! Sponsorship

Brand Rewarding Sponsorship: the evolving face of award sponsorship London, UK / Read more

Social Travel Summit

Commercialising your content through sponsorship: Finding the Perfect Partner & Getting Great Results for All The travel blogger/travel sponsor partnership should go far beyond trips and logos. They should be relationships that drive revenue for both the sponsor and the influencer in the long-term. Jackie Fast, Managing Director of global award-winning Slingshot Sponsorship will help the audience understand the full value that travel Inverness, Scotland / Read more / Play Video

SuperShe Conference

Sponsorship's shifting industry The shift in consumer behaviour has dramatically changed how funds are allocated and asked for. By truly uncovering the value of a property, you'll be able to project your partnerships further Necker Island, British Virgin Islands / Read more

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